Venice, Italy | Boston Based Photographer

About this time a year ago, Scott and I were reacclimating to life after our honeymoon. Talk about depressing after a three week high of tying the knot surrounded by our favorite people followed by eleven days in pizza-pasta-wine heaven. The first two stops on our Italy trip were Rome and Florence which were unbelievable! We admittedly weren't that excited for Venice though. It was one of those places we felt like we should see since we were in Italy and even the Italians had terrible things to say about Venice (to be fair, they hated on basically every place that was not the one they lived in). So we rolled into the Venice train station ready to check this off our list before heading to the beach in Sardinia. But this city could not have been a more pleasant surprise! From the gorgeous canals to the delicious seafood pasta to the unique history of the city... we fell in love. Now the question is, where to travel to next?

Noah's Newborn Lifestyle Session | Boston Newborn Photographer

I had the honor of capturing this new family which was made extra special because I've known this mama for almost eight years (which sounds crazy when I write that!). We met in grad school and then ended up working together a few years later.  I remember when she and her husband first got engaged and were planning their wedding in Spain. Here they are a few years later with one of the cutest newborns I've seen! Given that this dad was finishing up his PhD dissertation at Harvard, it was only right that we wrap up our lifestyle newborn session with a few shots on the library steps. I have no doubt that this little guy will be a tri-lingual genius with good looks to boot ; ) Congrats, Dora & Carlos! 

Florence, Italy | Boston Based Photographer

It's mid April in Boston and currently snowing which has me asking myself why I moved to this God forsaken place! Texas is sounding VERY good right now. I decided to take a break from editing sweet newborns to post something with a little more green... a color I have yet to see much of this spring. 

During our honeymoon, Florence was the city I was most looking forward to and most want to go back for. We were only here two days and I wish we had about six more! Don't worry, we squeezed a whole lot out of those two days. First up was a half day trip to Tuscany where we took in the gorgeous views, sampled every wine offered, and bought a nice bottle of vino to open on our first anniversary.  We wandered around some of the city's quintessential sites - Ponte Vecchio, Florence Cathedral and San Lorenzo Market. One of our favorite things we did was a food tour called Taste of Florence which I cannot more highly recommend. They took us to the best local spots for every type of food, dessert and wine. Speaking of food, you know a restaurant is good if you're only in town for two days and make sure you eat there twice. For us that was a little sandwich shop called Ino. If you're in Florence, it's a must! We wrapped up our time here with a trip to see David (who was so much more impressive than I anticipated), bought leather jackets because "when in Florence" and topped off our trip with some Florentine steak! We successfully ate our way through this city and then headed off to Venice...

Dylan Patrick | Lifestyle Newborn Session

You know what I love about newborn sessions (besides snuggling a baby for hours on end)? I love seeing the nursery that a mom-to-be labored over to welcome their little one home. I love watching parents thrive in their new role. I love capturing all the little details that parents will look back on years, months or even weeks later and remark on how different their little one already looks. 

After documenting the Flynn's maternity session at the end of last summer,  I couldn't wait to meet the the newest member of their family. We scheduled Dylan's newborn session when he was four weeks old which means he didn't sleep a wink but still rocked his session. He was completely content to either stare at the light from the window or gaze at his parents, which turned out to be some of my favorite images. 

Rome, Italy | Boston Based Photographer

I'm gonna be honest, I'm loving this slow season! So far I've made to  it back to yoga classes, baked every weekend, read three books in two weeks and (finally) finished my Welcome Packet for new clients. One thing that's been sitting on my to-do list since June is sharing some of the images from our honeymoon in Italy. While some people splurge on a cute bikini for their honeymoon, I splurged on a Lo & Sons camera bag!

The first stop on our trip was Rome. Everyone had warned us that Rome was their least favorite city in Italy because it was busy and dirty but oh man, we fell in LOVE. We stayed near the uber charming Piazza Navona with its cobblestone streets and picturesque, historic buildings. We averaged about eight miles a day trekking around the city on foot but our favorite tour was definitely the Vatican. It helps when your tour guide was an Art History major and fills you in on all the drama between Michelangelo and da Vinci (it was like a Bravo version of the most amazing art in the world)! Needless to say, my passport and I are ready to head back anytime but for now, here are a few of my favorite images.

The Feig Family | Boston Family Photographer

I am SO excited to finally be sharing this fall apple orchard session. Yes, I know fall is over and it's already the holiday season but this family is too cute not to share! These little ones helped me get my cardio in for the day chasing them around and I love that their parents let them be them. That's what lifestyle sessions are all about! Sometimes you walk into a session with a solid game plan and then throw it out the window because let's be real... the kids are really in charge. As for me, I'm dreaming of some more fall family sessions here next year! Who's with me?

Flynn Maternity Session | Boston Maternity Photographer

If you can't tell by my instagram feed, I am in love with this session! These two finally gave me an excuse to try out a new location and it did not disappoint. This couple was as sweet and laid back as they come. Some of my favorite captures from this session were these two looking at each other… so much love there! Maternity sessions are such as special time before a family grows a little bigger and I love being able to document that. This family now shares their home with the cutest little guy and I can't wait to share his lifestyle newborn session with you soon!

Emily's Headshot Session | Boston Photographer

How many of you professionals or creatives are sorely overdue for an updated headshot?  I will ashamedly admit to being guilty of this as well. My social media profile picture was taken five years ago.. eesh! I can at least appreciate the irony of preaching to families about documenting their loved ones every year only to bolt from the front of the lens like it was a gun instead of a camera. What's that saying about throwing stones in a glass house? ; )  

Emily and I had a blast wandering around Boston capturing this city she serves and giving her some updated headshots for her business. As a Postpartum Doula, Certified Newborn Care Specialist and mom of multiples, she balances education with real life experience. Check out her website to learn more about what she does! 

Alexa + Ted Engagement Session | Boston Engagement Photographer

I met Alexa and Ted about four years ago through my husband Scott. He and Ted went to college together at Gettysburg and Scott actually introduced Ted and Alexa. I won't bore you with the weirdly circuitous story of how this happened but long story short... after dating for almost a decade, these two are FINALLY getting married. To say that we're excited for their wedding next summer would be a huge understatement! I was so flattered when they asked me to do their engagement session a few months ago and Alexa already knew she wanted to do it in her hometown in New Hampshire. I fell in love as soon as I saw that covered bridge! I think this veterinarian and geologist make the cutest, smartest  couple I know.  Congrats, Alexa and Ted!!

Donna's Yoga Session | Boston Yoga Photographer

I feel incredibly lucky to have so many  intelligent, strong and gifted women in my life.  Donna is a perfect example of that.  She is not only a Doctor of Physical Therapy but she also completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. This lady is absolutely crushing goals right now and I can't wait to see where she goes next! I for one hope it's to a yoga studio near me so I can meet her on my mat. 



Burton Family Lifestyle Session | Boston family photographer

It's always an honor when you get to work with clients again and see their families grow and change.  Last summer these mamas let me capture their Jamaica Plain maternity session and a year later we got to document this little lady's one year old session. I have to say, lifestyle sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorites. The Burtons are about to move back to Texas and I loved that they wanted to capture their little one's first home here in Boston doing exactly what they love - cuddling, reading books and playing in the park. Happy first birthday, X!

Haley + Travis - D.C. Engagement Session | Boston based Photographer

It's not every day that you get to travel to D.C. for a lifestyle engagement session with two gorgeous people.  The icing on the cake is that Haley has been my one of my best friends for fifteen years. We've been through just about everything together including abandoning Texas for the east coast, falling love with New England boys and planning weddings. I'm so honored that Haley and Travis let me capture their little family in the city they call home. Less than four months till these two tie the knot! 

Asher's Birth Story | Boston newborn photographer

Four years ago I had the amazing opportunity to document the story of my second nephew's birth. I was also lucky enough to have photographed the birth story of his brother Hudson a few years before and this experience was… well, quicker! I barely had my camera out when the nurse said it was time for Lindsey to start pushing. A whole two pushes later (no, I'm not exaggerating) and the nurse is screaming to stop- “don’t push, don’t laugh, don’t move”. Why someone would be laughing in the middle of child birth I don’t know! Another nurse is calling the doctor and after a very long 60 seconds the doctor appears. Lindsey delivered a healthy 8lb 1oz baby boy! 

I love the emotions captured in birth stories. From mom and dad's first look at their sweet newborn to big brothers and sisters meeting their new best friend.  Four years later, my nephew loves looking through the album of his Birth Story and how he was welcomed into this world. If you know someone in the Boston area who's expecting and looking to document the story of their little one's birth or maybe just the first few hours with a Fresh 48 session, email me for details!

Project 366 - December

I made it!! 366 days of pictures which apparently totals up to 140GB of data, countless hours of editing, and a year's worth of memories. At times I kicked myself for committing to this challenge but without fail, at the end of every month I looked back and was grateful for the moments I captured. When I think back on what I've learned over the past year I could list off the settings of my camera I've mastered, the editing techniques I've learned or the composition of images that I've played with.  Most of all though, I've learned the value of persistence! 

This past year was filled with some pretty amazing things- a proposal, a puppy, and plenty of moments with family and friends and this 366 Day Photo Challenge allowed me to capture them all. December closed out 2016 with some sweet moments enjoying Boston landmarks,  getting absolutely spoiled at Christmas, and a much needed get away to Florida to ring in the new year. I only wish that I could have spent more time with my toes in the sand. Here's to 2017!

Project 366 - November

If I were to continue the marathon metaphor for my 366 day photo challenge... November was my Heartbreak Hill.  After taking a picture a day for ten months, November felt like I had lead feet or rather a lead trigger finger. Okay, I'm not great at metaphors but this month was HARD! It was filled with two weekends of conferences, voting for president (no further comment on this topic needed), and a much needed trip home to Texas for Thanksgiving.  But alas, here we are knocking on the door of 2017 and only one month left of this challenge. I'll try to envision clever signs, cheering fans, and the Boston College band playing as I make it through the home stretch!

Project 366 - October

Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday but not because I love dressing up (ironically, I hate it) but because it means fall is in full swing! October is the month where I irrationally justify spending WAY too much money on pumpkin related things, it marks the height of leaf peeping here in Boston, and unfortunately was the month where our six month old puppy was trapped indoors for two weeks with the "cone of shame".  Picking up my camera every day came easily this month and it's hard to believe I've kept at this for ten months. Sadly, only two more to go! 

Seay Family | Boston family photographer

I would consider myself a morning person on most days but a sunrise session is a whole different ball game. When my alarm went off at 5am, I swore I would never schedule a session at such an insane time of day again... until I saw that gorgeous morning light.  It also helped that the Seays are about the sweetest family you'll meet. I had so much fun documenting this little one's milestone session for his first birthday!

Project 366 - September

I've never run a marathon but I have to imagine there comes a point at which you kick yourself for agreeing to participate in such an outrageous thing in the first place. Quitting becomes a very real option and the consolation of "making it this far" seems like enough. For me, that point was September. Picking up my camera became a chore and I missed not one day, not two, but seven without taking a picture. What I'm most proud of this month is not one of the images I captured but the fact that I picked my camera back up and got back on the metaphorical "366 day photo challenge" horse. This month may not hold my best work but I love it because it represents my determination to finish this damn thing. Here's to three more months!

Project 366 - August

Oh man, August was a blur! The end of the summer always feels that way but combined with some serious planning for the big day, I feel like I blinked and it was already October.  As I look back at the images from this month, I realize I can connect every one to some wedding planning event - a trip home to Texas to find a florist and baker, a walk down Newbury street to look at dresses, and a much needed drink at Lord Hobo after finding the guys' suits. Crazy to think we're eight months out from the wedding & I'm two thirds of the way done with this 366 day photography challenge!

Lindblad Family

I love capturing the Lindblad triplets year after year. What I love even more is getting their parents in front of the camera! Yes, I could tell you about the hilarity of photographing three 3-year-olds but honestly, capturing these high school sweethearts was my favorite part of the shoot. These two blow me away with how they manage to balance raising three amazing little humans while also staying head over heels in love.  Not to mention, this mama makes one hell of a doula for parents with multiples (check her out here)!