Project 366 - January

Sometimes you need to leap before you look.  That's how I found myself a part of this absurd, albeit pretty damn cool, 366 day project.  I've told myself for years now that I would do a 30 day photography challenge but it always seemed too overwhelming.  Pick up my camera.. every day... for a month? Nobody has time for that! Well there I found myself on January 1st, browsing a photography forum that's enumerating the benefits of a 365 day photography challenge (well, 366 day with this being a leap year). If I thought 30 days was too much, I'm not sure why I decided 366 days would be better. Nevertheless, here I am one month in. While the daily task of finding something interesting enough to warrant the click of my shutter can be exhausting at the end of a long day, I look back with giddy excitement as I realize the pieces of my life I've already been able to capture... a ski trip to  gorgeous Lake Tahoe, a lazy Sunday morning breakfast, my new camera (because when you're taking pictures every day for a year.. you just need a new camera), this beautiful city I call home, a new hidden gem (the Boston Public Market.. if you haven't been already, GO!), and of course, this super cute guy who lives with me.  It's been a mix of emotions and I can only image what this year long journey will hold but here's to 335 more days!