Project 366 - July

I might be a month and half late on posting this but I swear I have a good excuse! July was a whirlwind that included Scott's and my engagement party followed by a relaxing week in Maine with my family.  While vacations for some mean putting everything on pause, for me it meant never putting down my camera. What that really translates to is A LOT of hours culling and editing the 1000+ images I took in the short span of a week (not to mention my images from the other three weeks of the month)!  But that also means my mom is getting a really good photo album of our trip for Christmas ; ) This month included lamenting over how much Rufus was growing, sampling five craft breweries, spending a whole week with my three sweet nephews, and eating more Lobster Rolls than I'd care to own up to. It might also go down as one of my favorite months this year!