Coviello Family

Life teaches me time and again that things work out as they're supposed to.  The Coviello family and I had to persevere to make this session happen as real life kept getting in the way - fevers, business trips, and weather were our enemies, but oh how the wait paid off.  We caught fall in full swing & we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather as the morning clouds cleared off for a gorgeous afternoon sunset (yes, when the sun sets at 4:30pm... that's afternoon)! 

I often incentivize (read: bribe) little ones to stay still long enough for my shutter to capture them. For this little man, that was getting to use my camera to snap a few of his own shots.  Oh my goodness! This family either has an engineer or a future photographer on their hands.  One of the images he snapped of his parents might have made it into their gallery ; )