Venice, Italy | Boston Based Photographer

About this time a year ago, Scott and I were reacclimating to life after our honeymoon. Talk about depressing after a three week high of tying the knot surrounded by our favorite people followed by eleven days in pizza-pasta-wine heaven. The first two stops on our Italy trip were Rome and Florence which were unbelievable! We admittedly weren't that excited for Venice though. It was one of those places we felt like we should see since we were in Italy and even the Italians had terrible things to say about Venice (to be fair, they hated on basically every place that was not the one they lived in). So we rolled into the Venice train station ready to check this off our list before heading to the beach in Sardinia. But this city could not have been a more pleasant surprise! From the gorgeous canals to the delicious seafood pasta to the unique history of the city... we fell in love. Now the question is, where to travel to next?