Asher's Birth Story | Boston newborn photographer

Four years ago I had the amazing opportunity to document the story of my second nephew's birth. I was also lucky enough to have photographed the birth story of his brother Hudson a few years before and this experience was… well, quicker! I barely had my camera out when the nurse said it was time for Lindsey to start pushing. A whole two pushes later (no, I'm not exaggerating) and the nurse is screaming to stop- “don’t push, don’t laugh, don’t move”. Why someone would be laughing in the middle of child birth I don’t know! Another nurse is calling the doctor and after a very long 60 seconds the doctor appears. Lindsey delivered a healthy 8lb 1oz baby boy! 

I love the emotions captured in birth stories. From mom and dad's first look at their sweet newborn to big brothers and sisters meeting their new best friend.  Four years later, my nephew loves looking through the album of his Birth Story and how he was welcomed into this world. If you know someone in the Boston area who's expecting and looking to document the story of their little one's birth or maybe just the first few hours with a Fresh 48 session, email me for details!