Project 366 - June

This month is shamelessly and completely about my boys.  Exactly a year out from our wedding date Scott and I picked up Rufus, an eight week old Redbone Coonhound.  We knew he was the right puppy for us when I picked him up, he nuzzled into my neck, and fell asleep... SOLD!  I can't say as I've gotten many naps or cuddles in after that as Scott is the expert napper around here (see evidence below).  Rufus is a total people person.  He doesn't like being far from us whether we're cooking dinner or going to the bathroom.  I've been asked countless times how much he beys or barks and I can honestly say the only time he really cries is when he's hungry or wants someone to cuddle with him which thankfully Scott is used to ; ) I promise for more diversity next month but seriously, who can resist this sweet guy?