Project 366 - February

Looking back at my photos from this past month, I'm struck by the juxtaposition. On the one hand, there's monotony of every day life... my night stand, my closet, our cask aged whiskey, a toaster for Christ's sake.  On the other hand, my life turned upside down.. in the BEST way possible.  Scott and I joke that February is the worst month and that's why it's the shortest. February is the tipping point from a brutal winter into the beginning signs of Spring. It also happens to be when Scott got down on one knee at one of our favorite places in the world (New Hampshire) and asked me to spend forever together.  Of course I said "YES" and spent the next few hours doing Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies" dance between calling our family members. It looks like February wasn't so bad after all!  Let's see what excitements the next ten months hold (spoiler alert: we may have a four legged roommate moving in soon).