Gilday Lifestyle Newborn Session

I have a soft spot in my heart for the babies of the family. As the youngest of three, your naps are spent in car seats driving to someone's baseball practice, your entertainment is whatever activity you're lucky enough to be included in and your role models are forever and always your older siblings. A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to capture some gorgeous images of my very pregnant sister (in 90+ degree heat I might add) during a family vacation. Who knew Arkansas could be so pretty?! When she finally gave birth to her third baby boy, I could hardly wait to meet him. I mean, us babies of the family have to stick together!

For my first two nephews, I was "lucky" enough to be present in the delivery room and document their Birth Story as we welcomed them to the world (talk about some serious birth control). Well Baby #3 decided to make his arrival two weeks early around 3am, and living 2,000 miles away it's needless to say.. I didn't make it. We wanted to do something different and special for Baby #3 so we decided on a lifestyle newborn shoot with the family. I was so tempted to do a whole blog post on just the goofy out takes from their session but decided better since my sister probably has plenty of dirt on me for retribution. I'm probably a little biased towards the subjects but I'm in love with the results from our session!