DeeDee + Andy

To say that I'm behind on posting would be a gross understatement. I have plenty of good excuses that I've been telling myself for the past few months. One: I survived my first winter back in Boston. But seriously, did you see the news? I survived! Two: in the midst of three feet of snow, Scott and I decided to start looking for a house, and then decided to stop looking and then we found a place. Three: We bought a house! Or rather, one floor of a house.. it's Boston, so we feel like kings in our 1,000 sq. foot condo! So after the packing, the moving, the unpacking, the painting and the decorating... here we are.

I thought I'd ease my way back in by sharing a couple images I just edited of my sweet sweet parents. They are saints. No seriously, they deserve a crown or medal or special day where no one works and banks are closed. Little did they know that when they booked their flights three months in advance that their vacation would fall just one week after we moved. And so, their vacation transformed into a working vacation where my mom packed fabric swatches and my dad packed his laser level. Within a week we had jam packed every historical site [read: tourist trap] and house project I had on my list into what I'm sure was an exhausting vacation for them. During one of their "free periods" we ventured up to New Hampshire with Scott and his parents and spent an evening at one of our favorite sunset sites, drinking wine and snacking on crackers and cheese. That's where I snapped these two images of my sun soaked, exhausted, eligible for sainthood parents.