Scott Taggart

I realized yesterday that in a span of four months, Scott and I will have traveled to NINE different states. I think I'm mostly blown away by that statistic because growing up in Texas you're devoting a minimum of four hours just to get out of the state.. New England admittedly, makes this number slightly less impressive. Nevertheless, it's been a lot of traveling time and I swear I wouldn't have it any other way. So before Scott and I head off on our next adventure to my family reunion/ Nana's 80th birthday celebration in Arkansas, I wanted to share a few images I snapped during our travels. A few weeks back Scott and I checked off one of the cities on my "New England Bucket List" - Bar Harbor, Maine.  I'm looking for a reason to go back to shoot at this location so if you know anyone looking for a family photographer in Bar Harbor, I might know someone. Let's just hope Scott and I survive the next four days staying in a house with twenty of my family members and no internet!