Scott Taggart

I know, I know, Thanksgiving has passed! I've traded in my pumpkins for a Douglas Fir shedding all over my living room but I can't help but get a little sentimental in this season of appreciation and giving. You see.. about a month ago on a freezing November day, this sweet and patient man allowed me to dress him up and drag him thirty minutes down a back New Hampshire road for a mini photo shoot. In a sixty year old truck lacking any power steering, Scott was put on a mission to find “that old garage that’s on that road on the way to the place where we watch the sunset sometimes”.  

Yes, this man puts up with quite a lot! I am so enjoying this chance to take a step back and dwell in this sense of gratitude for a man who usually just drives me crazy with rouge, dirty socks on the floor. I'm thankful for every moody day that he endures with me. I'm thankful for every boring Friday we spend together devouring greasy pizza and local beer. Mostly, I'm thankful for the unconditional love, support and patience he gives with no expectations in return.